October 18, 2007



The Demos

August 24, 2007

You can check out the demo features on the right hand side …. labelled A through S. Please click on the links to view low resolution {youtube videos} or high resolution [Divx format] —————————————>

Something to write about

August 24, 2007

Many investors are telling me that there are already existing job portals and its a saturated market. I have heard them say that when people are happy with existing ones then why build a new one. But i beg to differ on this…there are many job portals but all of them give you 10000’s of pages of irrelevant ones, they are costly for job posters, are based on simple post and get the inbox filled model.

The features I am offering is a bit different compared to the existing ones

#1] Jobs are shown to people who qualify along with the color coding of how well they are a fit for that job posting…Cold/Mild/Warm/Hot/Spicy

#2] Applicants who see these jobs can click to apply, no monkey business of spamming the inbox of the job poster.

#3] Job posters can look at the list of all the applicants and the % match. This way they can start interviewing people who have best match and move downwards in the list before they make a decision to hire.

#4] Job posters can pre-screen candidates by posting questionaire type posts, the candidates will respond to these. Then depending on this response, the posters can proceed further to interview and hire the right candidate.

#5] All job portals provide a way to post the jobs and for job seekers to post their resume and search for posted jobs. But in our model, we provide assistance beyond that in re-location, provide grocery coupons when they move to the new place, provide deals on housing etc.

#6] Provide a new Advertisement model which is beneficial for advertisers…its easy to create and one can save thousands on creative Ad agencies, it helps educate the users rather than a dumb banner or google ads. So the companies can get their worth and satisfaction. This model will be useful for small, home based business.

plus there are many more…..so after reading these do you think ours is the same model as others?

The Hosting….

August 11, 2007

Found an affordable hosting place —-Peconi Hosting —- which offers hosting as low as $4 for starters. This isnt something small …as it comes with 500MB space, 5GB monthly bandwidth, loaded ruby on rails and all latest gems….what i like about them is the affordable rates, quick reply & trouble shooting and great owner Petar. He has been rather helpful to me in getting some problems solved. Well all those ones around there who want to test their concept and web 2.0 stuff can get this rather affordable hosting. Even a decent meal at chipotle (where i eat most often) costs $6 and this hosting one is nearly half that 😀 So its time i load all my project onto the hosting and invite investors to have a look at this one….wont mind if they dont fund me but would bug them to give me valuable feedbacks and reasons as to what is wrong in this model.I have been in contact with many VCs and investors but they all point out one reason or the other,* We dont have a team.* they dont fund low revenue or early startups.* wont fund conceptual ones and would love to see it online…..etc etc etc etc Now i have catered to most of them by going online and providing them exclusive rights to get in and have a look at this one. I have worked alone all these 3 months and I am quite confident that something must happen sooner or later.

page1.jpgpage1.jpgFew more things to take care of and it will all be set to out there for investors to dissect and feel the new model. I am just hoping that some samaritan would stop by to fund and mentor us. Just a glimpse of what the portal is all about…check this screen shot below!


We are aiming at providing a job portal which is a tad bit different compared to whole lot of portals out there. All job portals and job recruiters and consultants just give u leads, get you jobs but wont go beyond that. We will go along till you ……helping you with relocation. We will get you information of the neighbourhood, will provide you housing assistance, get you deals on the apartments, give you grocery coupons when you move to the new place. So trust in us and allow us to serve you better.